Monday, November 29, 2010

Surrender More

So it has been WAY to long since I posted last. I hope most have read my various God Stories via email but still it is no excuse…. I am sorry… please forgive me…..

Many may already know my big news but just incase you missed it…We are expecting another child in July of next year. The thing that you may not know is that this was in no way planned. In fact quite the opposite…We have been taking all necessary measures not to have any more children. So how can this be? That was my reaction anyways. I love my children dearly but Isaac and I had both agreed that we were done.

The week leading up to the official test was excruciating to say the least. It did not even seem right to be praying that I would not be pregnant. All the logistics filled my head and I found myself drowning in all the reasons I did not want this. But then God…

He began to confirm my suspicion thru his word, a book I was reading and then a third time by news from a friend. The test was a mere formality for God had already spoken.

As the shock began to ware off and the news began to sink in I asked the question so common in times of trial… “Why Lord, why?” And then that still small voice of the one who created not only me but this child spoke, “for I know the desires of your heart, daughter”. You see when Elijah was younger I said that if I could know for sure the child was a girl, I would want to have another so that Hosanna could have a sister. Of course knowing that I could never control such a thing I reasoned that if God had wanted her to have a sister then He would have and since He did not then He knew best and that was it…we were finished.

There are many things as a Christian that we willingly surrender or at least should, our time, our desires, our finances, our goals, our dreams, but with this latest news I quickly realized that I was not FULLY surrendered. Isaac and I always said we would have our kids young and close in age and be done, we had our plan. But you see what God was reminding me was that ALL my ways need to be not mine but His… it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me (Galatians 2:20). He is giving me a greater opportunity to trust in, rely upon and cling to Him is so many different ways and I know he won’t let me down ... its just not in his nature!

So what area does God want you to surrender more fully? Are you willing to let go and let God? Mediate on His word, His very character… lean not on your own understanding (Psalms 3:5-6), He knows what you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13), He has a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11) fill your heart and mind with truth and take captive all the “me” thoughts. Allow Him to be who He is … I am that I am. Who can argue with that...I sure can't!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perfect Provision

I have been wanting to post for a while but was not sure what to write,
then today a God story happened that i wanted to share ....

Margaret (our house help since February) today informed me that her cell phone battery was no longer keeping a charge and asked me if we had one that she could use. I told her that i was not sure and i would ask Isaac. Now with employees, you have to be led of the Spirit when giving assistance. We as Christians should desire to bless others but here if you give too much too often it can easily become an expectation instead of a blessing. Anyways, Margaret really was an answer to prayer (hey that might be a good post too) and so far has not been demanding and usually very appreciative. I felt this was a reasonable request and i knew that we had been given some cell phones that we currently are not using. I went to go ask Isaac and look to see if any of the unused phones had the same type battery as Margaret's. When i talked to Isaac about taking the battery from one of the unused phones, he said that he had plans for the phones that were currently not being used and that without the batteries they were not that useful. I was starting to protest when out of nowhere he proceeded to pull out a battery from his computer bag. Of course this battery just happened (yeah right) to be the exact one that Margaret needed. Oh but wait there is more....

I asked Isaac, "where did this come from?" since i was not even aware that we had a spare battery and he began to tell me the story of how he got this battery....

Isaac's phone is from 2006 and its battery is also starting to not keep a charge so he was praying about buying a new battery while in the states (here it is very difficult to buy "genuine" electronics). Anyways before traveling to Tallahassee, He stopped in Lansing, MI to visit the Dunn family and share with the church family at Calvary Chapel Lansing. He was giving the message on Sunday and before church was in the Lobby greeting people when he saw a young black guy with two cell phones, one in each hand. Isaac made some comment about the 2 phones when the guy explained that he actually had 4 phones and was transferring his contacts from one to another. Isaac commented that it was the same type of phone that he uses in Africa and began to introduce himself believing that his guy was a church member. Anyways at the end of the conversation the black guy offers Isaac the cell phone he is getting rid of. It happens that it is a prepaid phone which won't work over here and Isaac says that he can't use the phone but would love to have the battery at which the guy takes it out and hands it to him. Isaac thanks the guy and then moves on to welcome another church member.

So Isaac teaches the Sunday service but does not see the black guy in the congregation. After the teaching, Isaac wants to tell the guy how he has been praying for a new battery and again thank him but can not seem to find Him. Unsuccessful in his search, he ask Pastor Jim Dunn but Jim does not know who he is and has never seen him before. Since the black guy was kinda young Isaac proceeds to asks the youth teacher but she also has never see him before. He keeps asking around until one church member explains that the man in question actually does not go to the church and had only stepped into the Lobby to get out of the cold and make a phone call!

I tell you this story as i told Margaret to remind you that as Matthew 6:23 says (paraphrased by my kids bible like this), "Your heavenly father all ready knows your needs." Whatever you may need (not want but need) whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, remember that our Papa already knows! That provision may in fact come from the most unlikely way , ways the we could not even imagine! We truly serve an AWESOME God!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll be back -- In my Father's Arms

OK so i am sure some of you wont even remember whose blog this is and i could give a million reasons why i have been MIA but i wont and i guess it is too late for a new years resolution ... so all this to say i am going to try and keep up on my posting especially now since we have a better internet!

I did have a really wonderful God experience a few months ago that when it happened i thought to myself i need to blog that one so here goes...

As many may know our family took our first real vacation since moving to Africa this past Christmas and spent a few weeks in Mombasa on the coast of Kenya. It was a wonderful time of refreshing and just good o'l beach fun. Anyways one of the times at the beach i was out in the water with Yahoo (now just a little over 2 years). He was having the best time just splashing around and crashing against the waves. I took him off of my hip and held him with both hands under the arms so he could experience the water to the fullest and to my shock he just started freaking out. I kept telling him "you are ok" and "I got you" but he would have nothing to do with it and kicked up the crying and screaming. Finally i gave up and just took him back to my hip and almost immediately he was totally fine and back to having a great time.

At that time it was like the Lord was speaking so clearing i could almost hear him chuckle. "Clea, you are just like him. Yahoo only thinks he is safe when HE is holding on to YOU but that is not his real safety; it is YOU holding HIM that keeps him safe, whether he feels it or not. You see Clea, in the same way, it is not whether you feel me near to you or not that matters; is who I AM that gives you your security. Relax and trust in who I am not in yourself."

In that moment i was once again reminded of the character of the God that i serve. He is truly worthy of my complete surrender and trust. He will be faithful for that is who HE IS! May this encourage you when you find yourself feeling very distant from the Lord, that whether you "feel" it or not He cannot and will not contradict his word which says "I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20b)