Sunday, June 17, 2012

So Much

I type this from bed as I am enjoying the trial of a not so nice stomached bug. I looked at my last post date and can not believe it has been so long since my last post. Please forgive my lack of communication.

One upside about spending so much time in bed is that it gives or should i say forces you to stop and reflect. Being a Martha as many of you know there is not much more difficult for me that doing nothing. As I lay here my mind goes a million miles an hour over all the things that I could/should/need to be doing....where is the cat, is nili up from here nap,were the seedlings put in water, did the yogurt get take out of the container on and on my mind spins. All these small details of life seem so critical at the moment to me yet I wonder if anyone else is even aware of them. I have to force myself to shut my mind off and go back to sleep...

Later the next morning I hobble around to see that all those things I was so concerned about were taken care of with no assistance on my part... Amazing fact..the world in fact goes on spinning even when clea wootton is down for the count. It made me take a step back and thank God for all the wonderful, caring, and very capable people in my life. Why is it that I see them daily  yet do not appreciate them more often....most likely because I am too wrapped up in everything that I am doing to notice all they too are doing ... so please indulge me as I take a moment to brag on a few very special people to me....

ISAAC....he really is the most Godly, hard working man I have ever meet. He is the first to rise and last to sleep most days. He pushes himself harder than often I would like and rarely takes even a moment for himself. He constantly amazes me by his ability to make Godly decisions especially when it's difficult and consistently pours into the guys often with little or no appreciation. Honey, you amaze me! I am so thankful to have you as my husband, partner, friend and covering.

MOM (Connie) is hard to imagine that all these years I had such an amazing woman for a mother and did not really notice or appreciate what was right under my nose. She is one of the most steadfast people I know. Her age does not seem to slow her down a bit and often has stamina beyond those youth (myself included) around her. She unselfishly gives of her time and talents ... teaching/serving both my children and the SOM guys. She is a constant source of joy and smiles to everyone around and is a living example of denying self. She has given up so much to be here serving alongside this family and ministry. She is an amazing friend and a huge source of accountability and companionship to me. Mom, thanks for all you are and do..I appreciate it all!

MARGARET ... Most may not know her yet she is a vital part of this compound. She daily serves doing the cooking, cleaning, and shopping for our household yet she is much more than a mere worker... She is a friend. She is gifted in hospitality and has a true servants heart. She is trustworthy and really does her work as unto the Lord. She is an invaluable source of advice and assistance in a sometimes very deceptive culture. She is a constant reminder that God has his remnant everywhere. Thank you, Margaret for all your love and service.

These are just a few of the amazing people that God has put around me. It is a shame that God has to knock me on my back in order for me to take my eyes off myself long enough to see just how much I have been blessed. He really has given me SO MUCH! Let me encourage you to take a moment and look around for your could me your mother, or spouse, or co-worker, or friend...and make sure they know how much you appreciate them!